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Interactive dance floor

Photo from the show


Crocker Art Museum


Coder, Visual Designer


Adobe Illustrator, Processing, XBox Kinect


Presented at Audio Muse at the Crocker Art Museum in April 2018


Audio Muse was a series of concerts held by the Crocker Art Museum that invited a local band and artist to collaborate at a concert. I was paired with The Hot Baked Goods, a swing jazz band. I was inspired to see if an interactive dance floor would encourage non-dancers to dance and strangers to share a delightful, collaborative, creative experience.


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I was fortunate enough to test a prototype with the San Luis Obispo RugCutters, my local swing dance club.

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On the night of the concert, ShadowPlay was successful in encouraging audience members of all kinds to dance together. This included children who didn't know each other previously, parents and their children, professional swing dancers, and elderly couples.

Darin E. Reyes is an interaction designer and immersive artist living in San Luis Obispo, California.

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