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Fishy Flop

UI and gameplay assets for a mobile game

An example image from the gameplay assets


The Fishy Flop Team


UI Designer, Visual Designer


Adobe Illustrator


Available for download from the Google Play Store


Fishy Flop is a fin-tastic mobile game by The Fishy Flop Team. The game combines the physics of games like Angry Birds with the quirky controls of games like QWOP.

I ensured that the game featured intuitive interfaces and vibrant, contemporary visuals.

The Fishy Flop Team


world 2 assets world 1 assets world 1 assets

Two styles were established to differentiate background and foreground elements.

ui assets world 1 assets world 2 assets world 2 assets world 2 assets world 2 assets world 2 assets

Many elements were designed to be seamlessly tiled.

Darin E. Reyes is an interaction designer and immersive artist living in San Luis Obispo, California.

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